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CADS Software India Pvt Ltd showcases RebarCAD at Delhi Build 2011.


CADS Software India Pvt Ltd (CADS) has successfully completed the participation in the Delhi Build event held between 22nd and 24th September, 2011. The event has become a resounding success thanks to the enthusiastic participation from government institutions, construction companies, engineering consultancies, and individuals interested in the construction industry. CADS’s latest brand RebarCAD garnered great interest with contractors, fabricators, developers and project owners etc. as it focused on material savings and increased profitability in construction.

CADS Stall at Delhi Build



Construction companies and project stake holders who visited the stall have unanimously expressed concerns about material wastage at project site because of scrap, inaccurate drawings or lack of a systematic approach to estimation. Their concerns are understandable considering that almost 110 bn USD worth of construction material and resources are wasted each year. Increasing prices of materials are making such wastages more painful than ever. Prices of Rebar for example have risen almost 30% in the past 3 months. This situation makes products like RebarCAD inevitable.


Material savings is not only an interest for small and medium enterprises. But large companies like Tata Power, Jindal Group, Reliance, L&T, EIL, RITES, BAI, NCC have all laid great emphasis on prudent use of material when they visited CADS stall at Delhi Build 2011.


In Picture (Right to Left): KK Jagdish MD CADS, Saminathan Asst Manager CADS, Naveen Jindal CMD Jindal Group, Amit Tyagi GM Jindal Group

KKJ Greets Mr. Jindal

  CADS announced the launch of its user contest for the year 2011-12 at the Delhi Build event. KK Jagdish, the MD, announced that the objective of the event was to reward best practices in Rebar engineering and production to encourage prevention of wastage of material and increase in profitability of the construction industry.

About CADS Software India Pvt Ltd:

CADS has established an enviable reputation for providing expertise as well as expert software for reinforced concrete detailing software in the UK and around the world for more than 20 years. RebarCAD’s success is due to its advanced detailing features and technical excellence, which include integration with design and fabricatino software. RebarCAD can detail anything and has been successfully used on all sorts of building, transportation, water, process and power projects including precast concrete elements.

CADS Software India announces participation in Delhi Build 2011

CADS Software India Pvt Ltd will participate in the prestigious Delhi Build 2011 Event held by ITE Group PLC. It will through this event showcase its range of solutions it offers for the Structural Engineering requirements in general and Reinforcement Detailing requirements in specific.

CADS Software India Pvt Ltd (CADS) is participating in Delhi Build 2011.

CADS Launches new RebarCAD software brand at DelhiBuild

CADS selected this event as the best platform to launch its new RebarCAD brand.

RebarCAD is software for detailing concrete reinforcing bars and listing them in bar bending schedules (BBS).

The RebarCAD software was previously marketed under its UK/Middles East brand name CADS RC with the majority of sales in India going to those companies undertaking International projects, mostly in accordance with UK and US standards. Growing demand in India for domestic projects led to further localisation of the software for 100% compliance with the Indian standard (SP 34)and bar shapes (IS2502).

The RebarCAD name was previously used in the North American markets where, like India, most detailing and material take off to bar bending schedules (BBS) is undertaken by the contractor or reinforcing steel fabricator (cut & bent factory) or their sub-contractors.

RebarCAD (and its sister product CADS RC) is the market leader for reinforcement detailing and BBS in UK, US, UAE/GCC and India.

DelhiBuild has been selected by CADS as a showcase for its latest software offerings for the Indian construction industry.

About CADS Software India Pvt Ltd:

CADS have established an enviable reputation for providing expertise as well as expert software for reinforced concrete detailers. Running in AutoCAD, RebarCAD has been the market leading reinforced concrete detailing software in the UK and around the world for more than 20 years. RebarCAD’s success is due to its advanced detailing features and technical excellence, which include integration with design and fabrication software. RebarCAD can detail anything and has been successfully used on all sorts of building, transportation, water, process and power projects including precast concrete elements.


Believe me, Eugenics was not that bad a science/movement or activity, whatever you may call it, until it was totally misinterpreted by the Nazis in the first half of the 20th Century. Eugenics is simply the implementation of various methods/procedures to ensure the enhancement of genetic composition. In simple words – towards better human beings. But the nazis, like all other mistakes that they did (dont know what they were smoking in the 1930s), had misinterpreted Eugenics as the process of removing the weak to ensure a stronger residual soceity. Their definition of weak is also a matter of debate.



Charles Darwin, when he spoke about “the survival of the fittest” in “On the descent of man” had a lot of other things in mind than “the demise of the weak”. He did not mean to say that uprooting the weak link will make the social chain a lot more stronger. What he meant was in the process of Natural Selection, animals/living beings in general chose a fitter mate to eliminate the possibility of a weaker offspring. And the mate also reciprocated to the most willing partner to ensure the essence of the attraction was passed on to the next generation which in turn will play the same game on the same rules. So in the end, this was a natural process in which we or any living thing for that matter chose a fitter partner to eliminate the chances of a weak offspring. It is this which has been misinterpreted as eliminating the weak offspring! (Talk about a slip of the tongue).


But then what is Eugenics for those weak offsprings that are already there? Being a human being I am forced to see it in 2 different perspectives: 




1. For other animals – The weaker offsprings often fail to get a mate. This means they do not pass on their legacy of “Looser” traits to another generation. They live and die a loner. Ask the sea lion who has just lost a battle! The winner gets 300 mates while the loser gets a big finger at his face. What bigger a motivation would the winner want? Now that is easily addressed.

… The smile says it all. Evidently this guy was the winner

2. For humans – Humans are the only animals that have managed to evolve into a complex system of society/civilisation. Our prime objective has become to ensure the chances of survival of the offspring irrespective of whether they are the fitter versions or not! So the weaker off-springs not having mates is out of the question, though there are quite a few loners in this species also, the figure is relatively negligible.


Based on this, it becomes clear that Eugenics cannot be explained in lay-man terms as “Survival of the fittest” as we know, but as “Make your off-springs fitter to help them survive“. I can see the reader rolling the eye and saying “Big Difference!”, but yes, there is hell-a-lotava difference between the two. It is the same difference as in between – “Finding that a new born has chronic heart ailment and killing it” and “Getting a heart surgeon to work on the baby”.


Hmm, may be that is something to think about. but why are we discussing all this. Because, this is where we are moving from biology to family & philospohy (yeah right!).

Now think of the times when you were a teenager. When you were walking with your Mom and accidentally hit against a wall and your Mom became so worried and embarassed you by checking out if you got hurt or not… now that is because of here instincts to help you survive. Your Dad asking you to improve your grades to earn a motor cycle… again the same. So everything that we were growing up revolting and fighting against, was actually a part of their instinct to make you fitter, to help you survive. So, now you know that they really could not help being so strict and nagging always, it was in their genes guys!




What’s more interesting is, your eternal quest for a more beautiful (Rather Shapely) girl friend is not always about lust. It is proven that women with a better symmetry and sharper changes in the ratio between their hip and waist are able to deliver easily compared to those who are what you may call “Out of shape”! And for girls, yeah, all that drooling over sinews was not without a reason. You were programmed to feel attracted to bulging muscles as it inherently meant all the necessary hormones are working properly meaning a healthier off-spring. No one can now make you feel guilty about “Bird Watching”, yeah, it is just a process of natural selection to ensure the survival of the next generation. Yeah you are doing it all for the future world people!



Like all hugely bungled interpretations from the “Ark of Noah” until the “Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq”, Eugenics has also ended up as not what it actually is. The word has been a victim of an inadvertent smear campaign by a tyranny (Nazi) which has successfully made the word bigger than what it is. However, we should not try to add character to this mere word. We should not associate it with a negative trait or vice. It is just another word in the dictionary like thousands of others, though has a meaning, but no value attached to it.


I was watching news on the TV last week and was totally amazed, (and in some cases disgusted) by what means Rajni fans were celebrating their "Thalaivar"’s latest movie release. Someone piercing their skins with metal hooks and dragging along a car with the film reels was the tipping point. I made up my mind to watch the movie at a theatre inspite of pirated DVDs and links on the websites. And to a certain extent I was not disappointed. Rather I would say I am impressed, very impressed!
The plot revolves around a young (!!!) scientist Vaseegaran striving to establish his name in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. He creates a Andro – Humanoid Robot that is capable of taking in Near Natural Input/Output (NNIO) and more importantly in real time and respond. However, a senior scientist who has alraedy made his mark but yet to make his buck, tries to throw a wrench into the youngster’s (sorry i could not avoid using it) plans by disapproving it while sitting on the appraising committee. His basis – the Robot can only obey and reason but cannot think with an emotional quotient. This is justified when a freak accident causes the death of the girl that the robot saves.
So Vaseegaran joins hand with his girl friend to somehow inject an emotional quotient into the Robot’s intellectual system and they succeed. Now the emotional robot (Chiti) or the quasi human that it has now become falls in love with Sana – Vaseegaran’s girl friend. And this love triangle and the encouragement of the older scientist makes the robot to falter in its duty causing shame and loss for its creator Vaseegaran who hacks it and throws it away inthe dumpster. His old nemesis recovers the junk and gives it a "Destruction Program" and revives it promising to help the robot get back his love interest! now the rest of the story is taken care of by CG and animatronics.
The Critics opinion:
Sci Fi is a rare commodity in the Indian film industry. A few attempts starting from the 70’s until the recent Dasavatharam were all a 90:10 mix of entertainment and science. This is the first time a director has ventured out as far as a 60:40 mix. We are still well below the halfway mark and a long distance from contemporary hollywood sci fi like Inception. But like the old saying goes, every journey starts with the first step.
The movie is a treat for those who are interested in AI and robotics. You will be interested in the relevant details scattered through out the movie like the AI paradoxes, Asimov’s three rules of a robot and others. Actually, though never discussed through out the movie, the entire drama is because the Robot flounders all the three rules of Asimov. Specs of the machines, the concpet and other intricacies may be a bouncer to the typical Indian audience who are ignorant about almost all of them, but the masala and the CG at the end makes up for it. The director knew how to keep the shrill whistles and shouts of "Thalaivaa" going until the very last scene. But in the last scene, silence envelopes the entire hall. A moving finish to all the high adrenaline climax stunts was the finishing touch of the director which makes the movie all the more lovable. When the lights came back and the screens fell, I did not walk away to the parking lot. Instead I stood back and watched for the audience response. I was surprised to see a good majority of faces stained with dried up tears. Atleast a 75% of all the women walking out were still wiping their tears away. In short… The director has won!
Rajnikanth is so big a phenomenon that no Director can make the audience forget that it is his movie. When he is on the screen, the story (however good it may be), the music, the screenplay, other actors, all take a step back. And a neutral movie watcher will usually come out of the theatre irritated by all the heroics. Ofcourse all the fans will have loved it. In this movie, Rajni still dominates, but this time it is because he has reinvented himself. The protoganist is as different from the antagonist as the sun and the new moon, yet it was played by the same person. When Chiti dismantles himself, he makes the toughest heave a deep sigh. You really do not want the friendly robot not to go out of action. I think he has earned his respect as an actor inthis movie Again!
But like all Shankar movies, apart form the hero and the director, there is nothing much in hte movie. Ofcourse the camera is good and the editing is precise, but the music could have been better, a couple of songs were totally unwanted, heroine could have been given something to show her abilities, supporting actors could have been more participating. There are innumerable flaws in the techincalities. Material to produce so many robots are unaccounted for. A two hole powerpoint which can plug into a 11KV line (suburban railway feed), a 220 volt supply (household feed) and a 12v supply (a car battery), is totally meaningless. It is also so stupid to think of an advanced robotic system that does not have an alternate source of energy. In one scene Rajni waves of the strong hold of the robot with just a spare robotic arm, but they find it difficult to move it they say it is so heavy.
Having said all that, it is worth watching, not once but a few times. You have enough Rajni, Sci Fi, Shankar and on screen beauty to stomp on all the negatives and give you a wholesome movie experience. Dot.
For obvious reasons, I am adding the gist of the plot to the end of this review.
Christopher Nolan is a master of abstract art. But the pitiful plight is that a vast majority of the mass multitude which includes me, are incapable of elevating ourselves to his level of cognition. The idea is novel. It actually raises goose bumps when you hear the concept of penetrating someone’s dreams. Your ability to create worlds by designing the dreams is almost like giving you a magic wand and asking you to remodel your world. But this is where all the positive adjectives end.
For someone as prolific as Chris Nolan, we would have expected more detail into how the actual penetration of dreams is acheived. The hero only discusses the possibility of such an action with a new recruit but halfway through the discussion, he gets lost in her (the new recruit’s) ability. Somnacin looks all but an excuse. The reason why the anesthetic behaves abnormally in the second third or further levels are unconvincing. Finally if a jerk (Gravity sensitive stimulus) can wake you up, then why don’t the dreamers wake up when the van jolts in the chase? There are a lot of such loose ends that the director did not take efforts to tend to. Probably the content was so heavy that he thought the audience will be so mesmerised in the concept and turn oblivious to the intricacies. Or simply, he decided that there was no one as intellectually sophisticated as he was.
De Caprio must forget that he is a super star. He must start giving the audience a convincing reason to like him as an actor. he should start behaving like himself and stop reminding us about Tom Cruise/ Keanu Reeves or other successful actors from science fiction movies. he has to understand that this is no ordinary science fiction movie, but one which is supposed to make the audience wake up each morning wondering what they had lost to whom and if or not to trust their dreams! He not only fails to deliver as a hero of a complicated plot, but he fails as an actor at any level. This could have been expected from a rookie, but not form a professional who is touted to have made one of the biggest hits in his debut!
The plot: Information extraction through interrogation is difficult when you talk to the conscious mind. But if you can reach to the subconscious, it becomes far easier as the subconscious does not judge the interrogator, but the questions. So once you convince the subconscious to divulge the location of useful information, bingo! This is the concept of this movie. And the protagonist choses to use dreams as a means to reach the subconscious of the subject who he is interrogating. But the real challenge comes, when one of the subject realises the potential of such a process and offers salvation to his "on the run life" if he agrees to use his methods to plant an idea instead of extracting it from the a subject’s mind.
              The hero agrees. But he is handicapped by 2 issues. One of them is the availability of resources. Since he had recently lost an operative, he finds a new one to design the dream world. Secondly his late wife who killed herself manages to pop up in his dreams and sabotage his missions. After forming the team, without resolving the issue about his dead wife, the hero starts on the task at hand. The rest of the story is how to convincingly plant a thought in the subject’s mind while the hero manages to suppress his so called "Projections" of his wife.
In all, I would request everyone to watch the movie, but just once. Once to see what it has to offer, but for nothing else. The concept is truly a thing to savour. please ignore everything else in the movie.
I have lived in a small city(Madurai), a huge metro (Chennai), an even bigger capital region (Delhi) and a true cosmo (Dubai). It all had its merits. Each one of them gave me many reasons why I loved the place. But none can come close to the euphoria triggered by my home town – Madurai.
From the early morning whiff of freshly fried "Amai Vadai" – a special type of vada all along the road, to the unloading of flowers and farm products from the nearby villages, or the smell of of moist plants lazily drying themselves from the early morning dew, or the strong flavour of "Kannan Devan Tea" emanating from the millions of tea shops in the city, there is a huge variety of teasers to your sense of smell as soon as you wake up from your sleep. I remember my 6 ‘o clock tuitions which I attended more in the desire of driving through the cool morning breeze rather than getting good scores in my final exams. The whole city is normally drenched in the colour of a honey drop, bathing in the sun that slowly peeps above one of the many small mountains that surround the city. It is always surprising to hear the commotion that the city is capable of generating at such an early hour when most cities would still be trying to tear open its eyelids. But still the sounds are not from motor vehichles like the big cities, but from people talking, music from radios, friends gossiping and all other pleasant things that does not make you want to close your ears, but rather smile and turn with interest.
As the day progresses, the whole city gathers in the two busy market places. I am not going to bother you with the names as they are all in pure tamil and would be difficult to transliterate. Being the epicentre of almost 4000 villages, municipalities and towns whose major contribution to GDP comes from agriculture, it is anybody’s guess as to what the markets sell. Very close by, is another collection of jewelleries. Each time I pass by, I am truly amazed at an avenue full of Jewel shops which more often than not have customers waiting in queues. Clothing giants in another area in the same proximity make 100s of crores of rupees each day (read it as scores of millions of dollars a day). It is really amazing that such a small city does so much business!
Evenings are very different from mornings. Madurai is a hot place, located jus 9 degrees away from the Equator, it sees the sun more than 12 hours a day. But that does not mean there is no respite from the sweltering heat. Here comes the "Kool Hero" of the city – the Jigardhanda. It is a drink unique to the city. Lots of rich ingredients mixed with protein filled jelly and topped with delicious cream, makes this as unhealthy as it is healthy. But who cares, no words in any language deserves to describe the ecstacy that flows through your body when you let the mixture flow through your gullet. Still that is not the only way to chillout. Amsavalli’s Apple Juice is one of a kind. Fresh and crisp pieces of apple, soaked in sweetened milk and some secret essences makes you wonder why did god create just one tongue after leaving us with 2 eyes, ears and nostrils! As hot it is, the city cools off pretty quickly. So to throw in some "Hot & Spicy" flavour for the evening, the thousands of vada shops, not to mention the hundreds of road side idly and parotta shops swing into action. So by the time you realise that dinner is due, you curse yourself for a 12 inch stomach.
So what is next after dinner? Other cities normally go to sleep. Huge metros start what they call "Night Life" where they gyrate at dance floors or munch pop corns in multiplexes. But Madurai – aptly called the "City that never sleeps" (City, not Citi – they probably copied Madurai’s motto), starts its preparations for the next day. Markets start loading for the next day by as early as 10 PM the previous night. I still remember one of my frineds being surprised at running into a traffic jam at 2 in the morning in the city.
Inspite of all this hectic activity, Madurai is largely a quite city. There is a sense of familiarity in every square inch of the city. A smile is never unreturned. You fall down from your bike and a dozen hands help you on your feet before you manage to get yourselves up. Everybody is a relative, though each one may be of a different religion. There is no clear religious or caste majority in the city. Except for once in early 1990’s there was no major unrest in the 600 years of the city’s history. It may not offer you the lifestyle of western Europe. It may not offer your the natural beauty of the carribean. It may not even offer you a cosmopolis like major cities in the Amreicas. But it gives you a life by the end of which you are left with worries about not only parting with your frenz and relatives when you die, but also this city! Thank you Madurai.
If you do not know how to raise immense expectations about a hero, praise him to the heavens, make him appear invincible and then suddenly reduce him to a mortal nothing, then ask David Baldacci. Deliver us from Evil – fails to give its hero the triumph. What’s more is, it even denies the American Sense of "Poetic Justice" that every other novel and author have made us get addicted to.
The hero falls all over himself for a lady who he knows for a few days – and they say he is a specialist secret service agent. And what’s more is that he had already lost and come close to losing 2 of his love interests. The heroine, is an off-spring of a whacko serial killer, seeking revenge on all psychopaths of the world just because her father was one. But her efforts to seduce and kill a "96 year old nazi" (yes seduce the nanogenarian) makes me wonder who is the psychopath. David Baldacci being the true American he is, has portrayed the Irish character "Whit" as a stupid hot head. Who can escape the stero typing?
The biggest of all blunders is creating so much hatred for the antagonist, epitomising him as the devil himself and suddenly the guy gets hit by a long range shot by the heroine. Yeah, the hero just gets a chance to stab at his dead body. So much for a genocide organising, peadophilic, flesh trading, psycopathic villain against a the purest of the pure hero!
After such gems as the "last man standing", "the hour game", "Saving Faith", "Simple Genius", if this is what David Baldacci can come up with, then it makes me wonder what has he been smoking recently! It is a big dissappointment for us hardcore fans.

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